You are the medicine

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food

- Hippacrates

Join me and the thousands of others who are unapologetically saying "NO" to ‘mainstream’ and are creating REAL health and happiness in their lives.

You were not put on this earth to suffer. You were put here to LEARN! We are realizing that the way things were done before isn't working; whether in business or health. The only way your life is ever going to change, is if you stop acting like you don’t matter. It’s time to find your voice, straighten your spine, speak up, prioritize your health and emotional needs and claim the life you deserve. You are NOT ALONE! Learning all of this and deciphering what’s true or false can be confusing… that’s why I’m here to help…




My journey started after discovering my oldest son was not severely autistic but had been noticeably injured directly following his routine 15 month vaccinations. As a hairstylist, I developed severe tendonitis, migraines, fatty liver, hypoglycemia, and chronic inflammation during my 13 year career. 

Spending the last four years intensively studying holistic health + medicine, I’ve spanned my learning from Midwifery to Traditional Chinese Medicine. Certified in Herbalism, I took to Co-Founding an apothecary called Rockee Redd to simply help others on their holistic wellness journey. I am certified as a Nutritionist + Dietician, however, the majority of what’s taught for those certifications, in my opinion, is wrong.

Like many, I understand how difficult it can be to navigate the world of health. It often feels like all of this was made to feel complicated on purpose, but making it through the confusion and turning my life around through true holistic living has helped me feel whole again! Translating these complicated topics and making them easy to understand and implement for others is my obsession!

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what people are saying


“One aspect of Christina’s education is it impacts so many careers and I personally can testify to that. Since her beginnings when she was educating only for hair stylists, her expertise was in goal setting and strategic planning. Through her guidance, everyone, including myself, has learned to set meaningful and achievable goals that align with good values and aspirations. She is so good at developing a greater sense of self-awareness and emotional resilience and helps people navigate challenging situations with grace and composure. I love you Christina, thank you for all you do.”

CEO of Forever Curls Academy + Global Speaker + EDUCATOR


“It’s very rare when you get to be around someone like Christina who is so passionate about what she does and how it can impact the lives of others. It’s one thing to be a great teacher (Which she is, she knows her stuff from years of experience and study), but it’s a unique skill to be able to inspire others to live a better, healthier lifestyle. That’s what Christina’s super power is. She’s helped me eliminate harmful products from my life that will allow me to be with my wife and son longer. That’s priceless.”

CEO, Author, Business Coach of Create Your Own Economy


“​​Christina Kreitel has taught me more about branding, marketing, business strategy, finance management, and just BUSINESS in general than any other single human being on this planet. Aside from business, she has helped me learn and discover more about myself, who I am, and what truly matters most to me in my life. She is the greatest mentor, friend, and leader you will ever find. Without a doubt, the best decision I have ever made professionally has been investing in what Christina has to offer. No matter the subject. You genuinely learn something every minute that you are in her presence. She is a TRUE GIFT to this world and especially to those close around her!”

CEO + FOUNDER of The Foundation AcademY

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